WebCut Converting offers exceptional slitting and rewinding services. We specialize in the project others typically don’t do, won’t do (or don’t want to do). This is just another example of our “can do” philosophy.

Our staff is one of the most experienced in the industry, which speaks to our ability to handle most any slitting requirements.


  • 83″ Face Width – 80″ Max Slit Width – 1/8″ Minimum Slit Width
  • 50″ Input Diameter – 40″ Output Diameter
  • Material Thickness .25 Mil to 30 Mil Paper, Film Foils, Tapes and Pressure Sensitive
  • Max Weight Unwind 3,500 Pounds at 65″ Wide


  • Shaftless Unwind
  • Exposed Adhesives
  • Shear Cutting
  • Razor in Air and Razor in Groove Roller
  • Score/Crush Cutting
  • Dark Room Converting